Carolina Garage offers Oil Changes, Transmission Service, Alignments, Coolant Flush, Brake Service, and more.



Carolina Garage performs your vehicle's alignment utilizing the the John BeanĀ® Wheel Alignment System. Patented imaging technology provides accurate and real-time measurements and an extensive vehicle specification database.


Repairs & Diagnostics

Carolina Garage troubleshoots issues with your vehicle using the industry standard platform, the Snap-on Modis Ultra Diagnostic System. Its integrated software features a scan tool, lab scope, graphing meter, and expert information.


Full Tire Service

Carolina Garage sells new and used tires. Uneven tire wear not only jeopardizes your vehicle's safety, it also can be a symptom of more serious and costly issues. See us today for an inspection and recommended solutions.

Visit us for scheduled maintenance, warranty service, tune-ups and all of your vehicle needs.